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What's the difference between artificial cotton and cotton

The appearance of artificial cotton cloth and natural cotton cloth is very similar, and it is difficult for outsiders to distinguish them. The following small series will introduce several different methods, hoping to help you: 

  1. Finish: artificial cotton cloth, smooth surface, few yarn defects, no impurities, fine, clean and smooth; 

  2. Yarn evenness: the yarn evenness of the artificial cotton cloth is even, and there are few yarn defects; The yarn evenness of pure cotton is not as uniform as that of artificial cotton, especially that of medium and coarse cloth.

  3. Handle: no matter how thick or thin the fabric is, the handle of artificial cotton is mostly soft, while the cotton is slightly rough and hard.

  4. Color: the luster and color of artificial cotton are good, compared with cotton, artificial cotton is more bright and beautiful.

  5. Crease: artificial cotton is easy to wrinkle,

  6.  Drapability: the drapability of man-made cotton is better than that of man-made cotton.

  7. Strength: the strength of man-made cotton is lower than that of man-made cotton. Especially in humid environment, the fastness of man-made cotton is poor. When drawing from the edge of cloth, man-made cotton is easier to break than cotton, The quality of artificial cotton is mostly thicker than that of pure cotton and hemp yarn

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